Prince Amos a praise and worship leader and an eloquent preacher, is a talented musician who has decided to preach the everlasting gospel through Music. He was born on 25th January 1982 in Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania and he was named Ally Hassani. He has managed to preach the Gospel around the globe through his music, and his music has changed lives of many people. Apart from being a singer and a preacher, Prince is also a music producer, a songwriter, a guitarist, and a Pianist. He officially started learning music at the age of sixteen in 1998, in a children band known as Green Band, which was owned by Dogodogo Center in Dar es salam Tanzania, where he also stayed as a street child from 1996, Every evening Prince learnt playing guitar and drama at an artistry station known as‘’Anatoglo’’ which was located at Fire Dar es salam Tanzania. After completing his guitar training, Prince started playing guitar in different secular music bands, to earn his living and get rid of the orphanage center life.

In the year 2000, he joined the Transit Band, a band that played reggae music at Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam. Following his experience in reggae music and Rastafarianism life, later in 2001, Prince joined the Tanzania Rasta Group which was playing reggae music at Ukonga Majumba Sita, Dar es salaam, in which, as one of the guitarists, he was blessed with an opportunity to record a hit song ‘Amani’, which was to frequently be played in the then Tanzania’s national television station (TVT).

Life in Tanzania Rasta Group Band was not very promising, so he opted to join the African Root Band, in the year 2002.He worked there for a few months before he again decided to join Segere, a very famous band that play both Taarab and traditional Tanzanian songs. He was later recruited by another Tanzanian popular Dance music band, Bantu Group Band, which was led by one of the all-time Tanzanian singer and musician, Hamza Kalala.  In Bantu Group Band Prince played the rhythm guitar, and he played the same in the album that they recorded in 2002, ‘Majogoo’. Prince continued with his exploration of the secular music, and he later  migrated to Mbeya region in Tanzania, where he joined the GBL Sound Band, playing music at Kiwira Motel every Saturday night.

In 2003, a life-changing event occurred after Prince decided to go back to Dar essalaam. Later that year, Prince decided to receive Jesus as his Savior, and he got saved after committing all his life to Jesus, He was baptized and changed his name from Ally Hassan to Prince Amos, and he started serving God at Manzese  Seventh-Day Adventist Church. At Manzese SDA Church, Prince joined Angaza Choir, one of the famous Adventist choirs in the country, and he played the lead guitar for Angaza’s best-selling volumes 25,26, and 27, and in the choir’s Video Collection 2,titled ‘Matawi ya Mitende’.

So highly filled with passion for Christ, while regretting all the time he wasted in secular bands, Prince decided to stick himself to God’s business by using his singing talent to spread the Gospel as a solo artist. Prince faced a lot of financial difficulties, Getting the money for studio was so difficult, and he had to ask for small donations from friends and he got a little money that only enabled him to record asingle song.In 2006, Prince made his first debut by releasing a song known as ‘Ee Baba Pokea Sifa’, the song that got a promising air time in different Radio stations in Dar essalam Tanzania, most frequently at Morning Star Radio.

The release of ‘Ee Baba Pokea Sifa’ marked the victorious beginning of Prince’s ministry as a Gospel singer. He continued to hustle here and there, looking for money to record the whole album, and finally he got one man named Waziri Mchome who sponsored the recording of the whole album, ‘Ee Baba Pokea Sifa’, which was released in 2006.

After struggling so much, God gave Amos a revelation to start learning music recording and production, and in 2007 he went to Morogoro region at Okoa FM Radio, where he started learning music production, From there Prince has become a great music producer, and he is currently the sole producer of all his albums. in 2011 Prince Amos launched an online live radio broadcasting called “Prince Amos Radio”  in which he preach the word of God.  He is currently living in Nairobi, Kenya, working as a Freelancer audio producer, and he ministers through music in different churches in Kenya. He walks the walk of faith, believing that God has a purpose for his life, and he will always seek to live for that purpose.

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